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  Epiphan VGA Grid 
Hardware > Audiovisuales > Video-Streaming > Epiphan > VGA Grid
Captura y transmite multiples señales de video simultaneamente
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Epiphan's VGAGrid™ is designed to capture multiple VGA/DVI and HDMI1 displays or camera sources, analog composite and s-video sources, and audio sources then allows the administrator to map combinations of input sources to one or more output channel views. Each output channel can then be viewed, recorded and played back with various layouts and effects.

Captures up to 256 input channels from VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite or s-video sources
Map/Layout input channels into one or more output channels to be streamed and/or recorded
Supports recording to MPEG4, H.264 from local or remote sources
Suppor­ted resolutions vary between 640x480 and 2048x2048
Ideal for multi audio-video source event recording, control rooms, digital signage, security recording, training and simulation systems

Medical - Are you a surgeon or medical systems integrator who needs to view multiple high resolution images from multiple video sources on a single large screen in the operating theater or clinic?

Simulators - Training Perhaps you are building a sophisticated system for an aircraft or other sophisticated vehicle simulator where you need to record and playback the action-reaction feedback from various video stimuli presented to a trainee, along with all the displays and control gauges of your system.

Traffic Monitoring - Maybe you are deploying traffic monitoring system and need to display live video stream from dozens of highway cameras miles away from your observation point?

Multi-Channel - Multi Media Event You have an event, control room or factory with multiple channel sources that you want to record and present on a large display or in central reception area?

Manufacturing - Your factory process needs to time-stamp and record all steps of manufacturing for lot tracking and traceability

Black Box Recording for Security - Or you need to coalesce, time-stamp, and record live videos received from multiple security cameras feeding to your control room– both in an area next to yours and in remote locations - all displayed in a central display streaming channel?

VGA Grid™ allows you to create one or more channels that combine signals from multiple DVI, VGA or HDMI, composite, s-video and audio sources and relay them to one or more output channels to display, stream, record in a real time. No matter where the sources are located, in the same room or remote, live stream from the displays, cameras, medical imaging equipment or other video sources can be recorded, time-stamped and displayed onto one or more output streams.

VGA Grid consists of a 4U rackmount server with hardware for video/audio capture, Gigabit Ethernet and proprietary firmware. The broadcast rate varies between 640x480 and 2048x2048 with a maximum color depth of 24 bits. Please refer to the customization page to define the video capture inputs, resolutions and color depth required for your application. The captured sources can be broadcasted in a variety of different formats, including ASF, RTSP, Flash video, Motion JPEG. Furthermore, VGA Grid supports Adobe Flash technology and it is possible to view broadcasting directly from the browser.

How does VGA Grid Work?
Received VGA signals are captured by the internal cards and optional external interfaces for additional remote video signal inputs. Through a user-friendly and secure web interface you can set the display mode of the captured signals, create various channels, customize channels to display simultaneously a number of selected sources with required resolution, or zoom in on a single source if necessary. They can also be concurrently broadcast/streamed in real time to a multitude of devices, such as laptops, computers, video walls, netbooks, PDAs, and iPhones. Timestamping of the various video signals is also available.
RGB Mode Support
720×400 at 70Hz, 85Hz
640×480 at 60Hz, 70Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
800×600 at 56Hz, 60Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
1024×768 at 60Hz, 70Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
1152×864 at 60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
1152×900 at 66Hz
1280×960 at 60Hz, 85Hz
1280×1024 at 60Hz, 70Hz, 85Hz, 85Hz
1600×1200 at 60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz

Number of Channels
1 - 256
More channels can be added. Please contact Epiphan for more info

Software upgrade Yes
Compression MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG, Flash (H.263+)
Streaming RTP/RTSP, RTP/UDP, ASF/HTTP, FLV/HTTP, MJPEG/HTTP, MPEG TS ( Apple Live HTTP Straming for iPad)
HTTP, Multicast and CDN streaming

Broadcast Rate
640×480: 1/60 - 30fps
1280×1024: 1/60 - 30fps
2048×2048: 1/60 - 10fps

Bitrate 100kbps - 60Mbps per channel
Connectors 2 VGA 'D' Type, USB, Customisable to DVI, composite, s-video , Audio ( XLR or RCA)

Additional Hardware Features
External USB Drive Storage, Removable Drives, up to 6 TB storage (upgrade options)

Operator's Interface Web Interface
Special Features
Expandable Storage
Streams to Dedicated URL Channels for iPAD, iPhone, iTouch
Customize to suit number/type/resolution of inputs

Dimensions 4U - 9.25"×4.625"×2.875", 235×117.5×73mm
Weight Approx 40 lbs, 18 kg. May vary based on system build options
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