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  Promise FasTrak TX2300 
Hardware > Integracion > Controladoras > S-ATA-(Controladora) > Promise > FasTrak TX2300
2 Serial ATA ports, RAID 0/1/JBOD, PCI
Garantía del fabricante: 3 años SAT (Servicio Técnico)
Hoja de Datos
Disponibilidad: Producto con disponibilidad media, 3-4 días
Cost-effective SATA RAID 0/1 PCI Adapter
The Promise FastTrak TX2300 2-port SATA RAID PCI adapter offers a low-cost solution for implementing a RAID 0 or RAID 1 storage system with up to two highperformance Serial ATA disk drives. Promise Technology is the leading provider of Serial ATA interface solutions, and with the FastTrak TX2300, users can benefit from
Promise’s experience in maximizing Serial ATA storage system performance.

Promise’s Proven FastTrak RAID Engine
The FastTrak TX2300 leverages Promise’s proven RAID 0/1 software engine for fast, efficient, and reliable RAID. Use RAID 0 for massive capacity and maximum performance or RAID 1 for data protection. Promise’s RAID engine also offers performance enhancing technology like elevator seek and load balancing for efficient performance.And for maximum uptime, the FastTrak supports features like transparent data recovery and drive rebuilds performed in the background.

SATA 3Gb/s Support
The controller supports SATA 3Gb/s drives and conforms to Serial ATA II, Extensions to SATA 1.0a specification with Native Command Queuing and Disk Activity LED headers support. In addition to Native Command Queuing, the controller also supports Tagged
Command Queuing with drives that can take advantage of this capability. Command Queuing increases I/O performance by intelligently reordering data requests so that the data can be more quickly accessed than if the commands weren’t ordered.

Advanced HBA Features
The low-profile form factor FastTrak TX2300 PCI adapter incorporates many of Promise Technology’s advanced host bus adapter features.The 66MHz PCI bus supports up to 266MB/sec burst data transfer rate.The FastTrak TX2300 also includes
large LBA support for drives above 137GB, and its onboard BIOS automatically identifies and configures drive type.
Device Support
2 Serial ATA ports for up to 2 Serial ATA 3G devices

Supported RAID Levels
RAID 0 – Data striped across 2 drives for increased performance
RAID 1 – Mirrored pairs of drives for data protection

Data Transfer Rate
Up to 266 MB per second (Performance may vary depending upon drive make, motherboard and PCI bus speed)

RAID Features
Data handling optimizations include elevator seek and load balancing
Supports hot-swap of failed drives
Offers transparent data recovery and rebuilds drive in background
Online Capacity Expansion - add capacity on the fly
RAID Level Migration - change array levels on the fly
MetaData on Disk (MDD) for drive roaming

Easy to Use
Quick initialization
Arrays are bootable with built-in BIOS
Upgrades your current disk drive to a RAID array by migrating existing data to the array

System Management
Management Tools
PAM (Promise Array Management) local and remote monitoring for
Windows — monitors status of arrays, hard drives, and controller
via TCP/IP; warns of drive failure; allows rebuilds of mirrored
arrays; synchronizes data in fault-tolerant arrays; email
notification for array events; S.M.A.R.T.-compatible status

Email, audible, and visible alarms

Operating System Support
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000
RedHat Linux; SuSE Linux
Linux partial open source code

Serial ATA 3G
Support Supports Serial ATA II: 3Gb/s Specification
Supports Serial ATA II: Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0a, including
–Native Command Queuing
–Staggered Drive Spin-Up
–HDD Activity Indication
Supports serial ATA Spec 1.0a
Supports Serial ATA tagged command queuing (TCQ)

PCI Support
32-bit / 66MHz PCI interface compliant to PCI Rev 2.3
(Backward-compatible with PCI 33MHz)

HBA Features
Low-profile form factor (HW) 2.00 x 4.69 inches (51 x 119 mm)
BIOS flash upgradeable for future updates
Built in SMBus connector for Promise SuperSwap 4100/1100
Supports ACPI (S1, S3, S4)

Physical and Environmental
Operating temperature: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Relative humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing
Built in SMBus connector for Promise SuperSwap 4100/1100

Cables in kit 2 x 25" (650mm) Serial ATA Cables
Agency Certifications UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class B, BSMI, MIC, C-Tick, VCCI
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