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  Syswan Duolinks SW24 
Hardware > Redes > Cobre > Balanceadores-de-carga > Syswan > Duolinks SW24
Router balanceador de carga y agregador de conexiones (suma de ADSLs... )
Garantía del fabricante: 2 años SAT (Servicio Técnico)
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Disponibilidad: Producto agotado, temporal o indefinidamente
The Syswan Technologies Duolinks SW24 high performance Dual WAN router provides a fast, secure and reliable connection to the Internet. Using state of the art automatic redundancy and bandwidth load balancing technologies, it allows fast, secure and reliable Internet connectivity to all networked computers in home offices, small offices and small-to-medium sized organizations. With the addition of a second Internet broadband connection, the Duolinks SW24 ensures your network not only remains connected to the Internet, but all Internet traffic is constantly managed reliably and securely even during periods of high traffic and heavy workloads.

Maximize available bandwidth
The Duolinks SW24 has two WAN ports that allows connection to two separate broadband links, including xDSL, Cable, Satellite or Leased (T1) links. This design feature allows for intelligent load balancing to maximize the available bandwidth while managing and prioritizing traffic flow for fast and redundant Internet connectivity.

Easy to install and manage
The Duolinks SW24 is easy to configure locally or remotely using your Internet browser via a standard (HTTP) or a secure management interface (HTTPS). Built-in NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP server, URL Blocking and Access Filters amongst other security options provide the highest industry standards to easily build a fast, reliable and secure network configuration. With its easy-to-use Configuration Interface, you can set Alerts to be sent via email, System Logs to be sent to a Syslog server, as well as monitor network activity via SNMP.

Flexible configurations
The flexible network configuration capabilities of the Duolinks SW24 allows it to be used in networks which support Static Routing, RIP or Dynamic Routing. With UPnP you can automatically open and close networking ports as required by certain applications. QoS helps give priority to critical traffic on your network taking advantage of the maximum available bandwidth at all times. With these powerful features, the Duolinks SW24 can be quickly and easily integrated into any network.

As more people rely on the Internet for communication, so too does the need to rely on scalable, secure and fast Internet connectivity. This means that there is no longer the need to limit your Internet needs with just one ISP. The Duolinks SW24 resolves this issue by maximizing the benefits of two different ISP’s while minimizing the need for costly upgrades and changes in existing network infrastructure.

Intelligent Load Balancing : Use two WAN ports simultaneously to increase the available bandwidth. Set the load balancing values for each WAN port individually and configure the load balancing algorithm to work by IP numbers, Packets, Bytes or Sessions to suit your needs.

Multiple Connection Options : Use broadband access from any broadband provider including Leased links (T1). All standard xDSL, Cable and Satellite modems and connection methods are supported, including Fixed IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, multiple-session PPPoE and PPTP.

Secure Management : Secure access to the configuration interface locally from within your network or remotely via the Internet.

SPI Firewall : Industry standard protection for any network using built-in advanced Stateful Packet Inspection technology against malicious attacks.

Access Filters and URL Blocking : Controls Internet access and available applications for network users. Up to five user groups can be defined with each group assigned different access rights.

Multi DMZ : Supports up to 8 Static IP Addresses.

Virtual Servers : Allows remote users to access servers on your network. Easily enable standard services such as Web, FTP or Email or define your own servers and services.

Special Applications : Manage applications which do not directly work behind a firewall (example: online games).

Dynamic DNS : Allows the use of a Domain Name even when a fixed IP Address is not available.

QoS : Gain control over critical applications by assigning priority to your network traffic (example: VoIP).

UPnP : Allows easy set up and configuration of an entire network as well as enabling automatic discovery and control of networked devices and services.

4 Port Ethernet Switch : 4 port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Switch for easy integration into an existing network.constantly managed reliably and securely even during periods of high traffic and heavy workloads.
Hardware : ADM5120 175MHz/227MIPS Processor - 2Mb FLASH / 16Mb DRAM

Network :
• WAN : 2 port 10/100Mbps RJ45 Auto Sensing MDI/MDIX – IEEE 802.3/802.3u
• LAN : 4 port 10/100Mbps RJ45 Auto Sensing MDI/MDIX – IEEE 802.3/802.3u

Throughput : Over 40 Mbits per second.

Load Balancing and Failover : Outbound load balancing by Bytes, Packets, Sessions or IP Addresses with automatic failover.

Protocols :
• Security: NAT, UPAP, CHAP
• Network: TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, PPP, UPAP, PPPoE, Multi-session PPPoE,ICMP, ARP proxy.
• Routing: static route for WAN & LAN, RIPv1, RIPv2.
• Connection: static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP.

VPN Pass Through : L2TP, PPTP and IPSec Pass Through (NAT-T). PPTP client.

Firewall : SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), NAT (Network Address Translation), NAPT (Network Address Port Translation), DoS (Denial of Service), Access control by group, ICMP filter for WAN, Ping of Death, Port Scan, Packet filter, URL block, Session Control.

QoS (Quality of Service) : Policy priority set by source and destination IP, source and destination MAC address and service types or ToS (Type of Service) in IP Header.

Security : Changeable Admin user name and Admin password. Authentication with UPAP and CHAP for PPPoE.

Management : Management through WAN & LAN ports. HTTPS (SSL 128 bit encryption) or HTTP web based management. Email alert on WAN port failures, Syslog, SNMP.

Applications : Support for MSN and Netmeeting, Support for H.323 VoIP products, Multi session PPPoE, SMTP binding, Protocol binding, SNMP, UPnP (Enable / Disable), Configurable NAT, NAT status and connection lists (Many to One, One to One), Virtual Server and Special Application, Multi DMZ, Changeable MTU for WAN, Dial-on-demand and Auto-disconnect, Dynamic DNS, MAC address clone, Transparent Bridge Mode (failover / load balance), LAN any IP.

Supported End User Operating Systems (OS) : Windows all current versions, Mac Os all current versions, Linux.

Firmware upgrade and system backup : HTTPS (SSL 128 bit encryption) web based download, HTTP web based download, TFTP download.

Power : DC 5V / 1.5A External AC/DC adaptor available for US, EU, UK and AU.

Operating environment : 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)

Storage Temperature : -10°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)

Certifications : FCC / CE

Environmental : RoHS

Dimensions : 245 x 137 x 30 mm / 9.63 x 5.63 x 1.18 in ( W x D x H)
19” rack compatible (1U)

Weight : 890 g / 1.96lbs
Precio: Llame para precio
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