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The third and the most exciting event that took place in New York this December was the Important Watches auction by Christie's, especially when the top and the overall prices are concerned. Altogether, this auction totaled nearly 13 million of dollars (exactly $12,926,175). Its undisputed highlight was Rolex Reference 8171 "Padellone" in stainless steel, named like that since its case resembled a frying pan in the eyes of the collectors of the past. It is an exclusive version of one of just two Rolex models made with a perpetual calendar and it was sold for the record amount for the model in question - $1,145,000. Astonishingly, among 365 timekeepers auctioned at the event, there were 22 more watches which managed to gather a six figure sum apart from the highest paid Rolex perpetual calendar watch.

Among the six-figure priced timekeepers at the Christie's auction that took place on December 17 were no less than 13 Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches wristwatches. The most of them (five) are with a perpetual calendar and a chronograph (different models, some of them historic, some more recent). Moreover, there were: one that combines a perpetual calendar with striking mechanism; one with just a perpetual calendar; two with split-seconds chronographs; two with decorative cloisonne enamel dials (one of those with a world time feature); a single with a celestial complication; and finally one with a chronograph and a pulsometer. The fact that Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watchess are in the very peak of sought-after timekeepers was demonstrated once again with a clock by the same manufacturer that was also in the company of these products which were paid more than $100,000. Additionally, six figure prices were achieved by: Richard Mille RM027-01,Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches Chanel J12, Vacheron Constantin wristwatch duo - Lady Kalla Reference 17701/710G and skeletonized tourbillon with date and power reserve Reference 30066-67, Panerai 364, A.Lange & Sohne tourbillon with power reserve and hacking-seconds and three Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Paul Newmans. Finally, there were also two high-priced pocket watches - one by John Bennett and the other one by Vacheron Constantin.

"Frying Pan" Rolex with a Perpetual CalendarAs it unexpectedly turned out, the most money by far was paid for a dark horse - Rolex Reference 8171. The watch was sold for the record amount when this specific model is concerned - $1,145,000 which is about four times of its estimated value of $250,000-$350,000. This 38 mm wide stainless steel timepiece with a snap on case-back and has Caliber A.295 CPL self-winding movement with 18 jewels. It enables a perpetual calendar feature with moon phases which can be seen on its two-tone silvered face with diamond-encrusted Arabic numerals. This watch is very well preserved, despite originating from 1953. It is very significant and it was ultimately paid so much since it is just one of two Rolex's models which included a perpetual calendar feature (the other being Ref. 6062).blancpain replica It is interesting that its nickname "Padellone" is Italian for "frying pan" and it was given to the model because its 38 mm size (which is nowadays smaller than a common watch) was considered huge at the time. This specific sized model is rarer than two other smaller-cased versions with the Reference 8171.

Perpetual Calendar Chronographs by Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica WatchesAs it has been noted, this auction likewise featured some of the same and similar models we have previously mentioned when talking about the sales by Sotheby's and Antiquorum. That is why we shall not delve much on the specifics of these models, despite their extremely steep prices and quality. The most notable repetitive type of watch is Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches's combination of a perpetual calendar and a chronograph which grabbed more than $100,000 on five separate occasions. At the top of the list of these five "relatives" is the second highest paid watch - Reference 2499 which got amazing $725,000. It was made in 1960 with a yellow gold housing and belongs to the cherished second series of Reference 2499. The next one with these complications is the sixth placed Reference 5970 from 2011, only known model of its kind to have a yellow gold casing and a dial in the color of gold. Its exclusivity is additionally raised by the fact that this model is the last perpetual calendar chronograph by the brand that has the Geneva seal on its movement which is recently replaced with the brand's own certificate of quality. This watch grabbed $353,000. The next chrono perpetual calendar is the seventh highest paid Reference 1518 in yellow gold which was produced in 1946 (five years after the establishment of Reference 1518, the first series produced perpetual calendar chronograph) and which got $341,000. Finally, there was another Ref 5970 in white gold which got $118,750.

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